Saturday, November 8, 2008


Had to post this after such a hard day doing a modification hardly anyone will see, a white fur seat back in trunk, Chris also dropped off a 50" TV for the garage....everyone needs that right????

Friday, November 7, 2008

Let me stand next to your fire!

I haven't updated much, or talked to the boys latley, Mainly because after we stripped the engine bay of all the slack, and rewired the car, Some how a headlight wire the was hidden in the frame got pinched off by the upper control arm when the car aired out, That being said long story short the headlights were turned on at 9pm in berkley while aired out and fire was made! so Whit the help of the police (WHAT?) and my really good friends barber shop it was kept safe down on the street. Dave stopped by there and cutt all the wires while i was working and Brandon got me some 1/2" air hose and after work i did the road side fix and she drove home...(we dont tow shit). Today after work the head lights will be re wired and boom back to the fun stuff. I got all the card board to mock up my templates for my hand made inner fenders. This week i'm going to get started on workin the metal into shap and prep to paint the frame and motor next weekend. then its a short break till dec 19th .

live fast,

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Friends of the Devils.

Nothing like drunk hot chicks bowling!

Junebugs Winter Project

i put in this motor quick and out of nessicity, now that every thing on the car is done with the exception of the interior, It's time to do the show car underhood i've dreamed of for too long. plans include, handmade custom inner fenders, smoothed firewall, all wiring hidden, battery moved to trunk,powdercoated headers, tripower,all frame and motor and firewall repainted,a few more chrome goodies.
Step one. inner fenders removed, all wiring relocated.
Next up. Battery relocated, shocks relocated, motor and frame repainted and headders powdercoated.

Stay tuned........

Dave's new project.

59 F-100 straight 6 , manual tranny. runs great, drove good. $1,500 bucks barn find. I'm taking delivery of it tonight for him via flatbed. Long trip up north but worth it for a soild 59 driver. more on this vehicle soon