Saturday, December 27, 2008


60 degree record weather after record snowfall...equals BEER RUN!


Gonz is and will always be the MAN! circa 86' i believe

The Prez. Speaks!

I'm Taking a break out from building toy cars and giant magnetic rollercoasters to update this beast. So as it stands Evan got his shifter in last week with the help of our newest prospects Rob and Nick and Our critically accliamed Eric. Brando's Carbs are off and in polish mode. Half of Chris's 62' Wagon is sanded down. Erics 31' is is mid tri-power assembly, and My poncho is slated for a Jan 3rd firewall shavin' thrash session one night project is usually how i roll. Fast, organized, & under pressure. Just 67 days till COBO HALL. The holiday was good to us. today we got 61 degree weather it's time to wash up the car. i'll try and keep up on the site more now that christmas is over...

Holiday Slackin'

I was supposed to put this up Wed. but i been slackin a bit.... Merry Christmas. See ya all at ALD tonight!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This Weekend!!

Hells Yeah

Susie the lil' Blue Coupe (1951)

Hanging with Skeeter and Chris last night we found this.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Make it 3 yards Mutherfucker and you got yourself an Automobile Race!

Detroit Burger Joints!

Sent in by Dave , God bless the use of the english lingo in detroit at the local burger king

Knights of the Round Table!

Musta been early cuz when it was of the table was coverd in eric's empty beer cans

R.I.P. Joe Strummer NEVER FORGET 8.21.52 - 12.22.02

your always missed.

The Annual Road Devils Family X-Mas / Year End Meeting..

After Frying two turkeys outside in 2 degree weather, and a few hours of Rockband, and Fooseball...The feast began. After much food and Beer were consumed, the 4 hour meeting began. 7 men 1 woman sat at the round table and Bi-Laws were agreed upon, 2009 show schedule was decided on, three new chapter positons were elected in, and three new prospects were decided on. The Rest is top secret.....

Heres the public knowledge.

1. Autorama, Hell onWheels, & Hunnert Car Pile up will be mandatory chapter shows. As always we'll be at Billetproof, BDK, as well as many other local shows but those three are the big ones this year.
2. Offices Held
Jason - Pres, Chris- VP, Dave- Treasuer, Evan- Secretary, Brandon - Road Captain, Frank - Seargent at Arms.
3.We will be throwing a show this year, the start of an annual tradition. An invitational BBQ event at a pavillion with a set number of invites, Every one will bring a dish and a 12 pack. It will be in a family oriented spot. No Trophies, No Bands, Just cars and families and food. All details will be nailed down by autorama weekend so all invites will be out by billetproof.
4. Three prospects are going to be given the one time offer to be under our wing.
5. We have 2 members who brought a 2nd car each to the club at this time.

Stay tuned it's going to be a big year around here.......

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Morning Customs

You aint got style like this.......if you did then you'd be up here among them.
enjoy, and get some ideas, then head out to the garage....

ChopperDaves bike

i love this color of flake i'm trying to track a jar down....sorry about the girl it was the only shot i had of the bike.

La Cerrera Panamerica.

Coop raced the La Carrea Panamerica race in Oct. and uploaded all his pics..i sat throught 85 pages of pics last night, these are by far not the best but i got lost in em all and didnt save any the road side repair and scenary pics make me wanna do a road rally bad. the blue linc was his car