Friday, April 10, 2009

Ole Skool

Todays an all skate update......enjoy or die!

Classy Broad of the Day!

Well shes classy in our eyes..i mean in prison for tax evasion, porn actress, and bad girl... Janine Lindimulder.

The Farmington Park!

Here's some progress shots of the Riley Skatepark they are building on 8 sick is this and lucky me it's only 5 miles from my crib.

Shootin the Tube

OG Salba.....can't wait for Riley Park!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Prez. Speaks...

What it is? My peoples.....So heres a lil update.  The "BBQ" plans are in full swing If your Local and you get an invite you wont wanna miss it.  Hers the deal.. No throphy, No Class, No Bullshit.  It's not a car show it's going to be a firts of its kind here in Detroit. Only rules, No one gets in without a car (we want all the car people in the area to bring there cars and kids and families out to this and not have spectators and hangers on) and second  You must bring beer. ( We will provide the food but you bring the drinks). We will have a pavillion for shade and a play area for kids . We want a relaxed family atmosphere, Fun Food and Car guys out on a sunny weekend day with there machines. It will be invite only and we will personally contact everyone invited, we will also be giving out one door prize. there will be no fees or cost to get in at all, We are funding this all out of our own wallets. It's something we think should have been done along time ago. If your on the list you will hear from us...Stay tuned.

In other news i'm reading two great books right now, " i heard you paint houses" the death bed connfessional of the hitman who killed Jimmy Hoffa.  and " Among the Thugs" pretty much what the movie green street hooligans was based on... good shit for sure

Well i'll try and keep you guys interested in the blog till the full on season starts and we have lots of pics and events to talk about but watch because soon we will have a full site with a image gallery, merch page, and more...till then...pce out.

Roth said "Fuck the Police"

Whaaaa Hooooo!

Fuckin A is all that can be said about this shit

Classy Broad of the Day!

Ohhhhh yeah Leesa back again by popular demand

Friends of the Devils

Toby from the "Switch" cc.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Life!

Classy Livin'

You aint got shit like this in your town....POW!

Classy Broad of the Day!

The cutest Cuban around Lovely Vida Guerra...ah a slice of heaven

Great American Tough Guy's

One of the great tough guys of america

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

Classy Broad of the Day!

Shelly Sky yep friend O the devils.... and a porn star!

Vintage Shit O' the Week.....

Sick pic from route 666


You aint got this shit!

Bike of the Week!

That plain bas ass and YES its a honda....but it's sick.....and style is everything in our game!


Classy Broad of the Day!

Her names BOB yes..yes it is and shes a geek and a hot one ...wish you knew her?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Meeting 4.5.09 "Jason Sucks"

Well we had our first"real" meeting of the year. heres a breakdown.

-The "free" project truck might be better of parted out to fund something else

-We are going to set up a Club Field Trip to Dave Cranes Drag Race Museum

-We are going to secure and build a full website very soon with the blog and merch page and much more stuff

-This friday Club Junkyard Run

-This Monday Club Shoot Scouting DownTown

-Jason Sucks

-Monthly meeting from here on out are always the 1st Sunday of every month rotating members houses. (next month May 3rd. Daves house)

-We now have a new prospect Kevin Carter....bringing the count to 4 prospects. as of now membership is closed.

-Brandon is polisher at arms

-The List of shows We "ALL" will be attending this year are as follows
-Billetproof > June 6th
-Hell on Wheels > Sept 18th
-Hunnert Car Pile Up > Oct 10 th

-We have been invited to Dave Shuttens Annual Party at the end of the season

-No hard liquor for Eric.

-The list of shows "SOME" of us will be at are as follows.
-Thaw Out > May 8th
-Walts Memorial Cruies > May 30th
-Making Junk Run > June 27th
-Wilson Barn > June 14th
-Hamtramick Hustle > July 11th (possible involvement)

-Chris says Fuck camping

MAY 23rd 2009
We bring the food you bring the beer
Invite only
No throphies, No Class, No Shit
door prize.

Stay tuned for more info.