Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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Summertimes a Comin' ! thats the feeling I get as i spend the days after work now with the garage door open and stereo pumpin. We had our first post Cobo meeting this last sunday and the general feeling among the majority of the club is "screw car shows" . Let me explain first of all for all you people that don't live in detroit. Here in Detroit it's not like the rest of the car show seasoned country we cram a years worth shows and cruise nights into 4 to 5 months. A cruise night or car show happend somewhere in southeastern michigan every day. No lie and a cruise night in the detroit suburban outer areas can reach 200 cars on a tuesday at 3 pm. not to even mention the month of August when the streets are invaded for a month with like 5 million cars for the phenom simply called "Woodward". Well it sounds rad, its costs lots of cash, gas, beer, food to hit em all which we have done year in year out while also hitting hunnert, and a few other long drive weekenders. this year We are focusing on local relations. First off "SINS OF STEEL" a partnership with all the local clubs which spits in the face of corprate boughtout shows that commericalize "rat rods", second our 2nd Annual Invite Only BBQ which will have Free food, games for Adults and Kids alike, a senic spot to drive your cars to and hang out ala family picnic style with all the other car people that matter . It's our lil contribution to the scene you just bring your beer and maybe a dish to pass and it's all good. If you were there last year then your welcome back it's same day (saturday of memorial day weekend) if it's your first year than email
roaddevil@clubmember.org " for directions and info. Third were going to plan on doing a number of trips to ohio and the ohio devils are going to come up here for cookouts and no reason whatsoever. Thats the kinda club we are we just want to drive our cars and see good people so were taking this year off of alot of shows we normally go to and in turn are going to hit a handful of ones we never have before, and spending alot more time doing thing that matter like attending the Flat rock figure 8's and the Milan nostalgic drags, hell we might even hit a bowling alley or two. So with that all said We also want to thank everyone who came and hung out at cobo with us, drank our beer, bought a t-shirt, and read all the info in our display. It means alot to us to perserve the history and keep it alive, the way it should be. Thats the one show I can't wait to do again. Also if you did swing by and we were out of your size just so you know more sizes are on the way along with girly shirts and were looking into kids and long sleevers, so drop us a line if you still want one, we'll have a pay pal set up soon for the support gear, which by the way helps us fund our BBQ and feed all ya alls. Its a win win situation. I'd personally like to thank all my friends in the Poorboys, Nightmares, Deadlast, Deadbeats & Peckerheads for keeping real car clubs going it is a big deal to alot of us around here. Thanks again for reading through my rambling. Now go out and dust off that car it's gonna be 58 degrees this friday.