Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Prez. Speaks!

Ahhh yes been a while, Well that's expected we only have 35 days till Cobo Hall. Here's the project breakdown,

-Aaron full show interior, shock mounts newfangle lower grillshell bar
-Brandon finish carbs
-Chris wheels, paint, front seat
-Dave front valance
-Eric set up new tri-power
-Evan paint, new custom grill
-Jason engine bay paint and detailing,finish handmaking inner fenders, set up tri-power
-Nick finish mounting of motor and check brakes mount rear tires
-Rob paint, striping, finish bags

So as you can see we got alot to do not to mention get our normal stuff ready for the show (stanchions, ropes, chairs coolers) So not so much is updated on here as should be about our stuff, it's alot of filler (rather have it here then on the panel). But we are going about it like a real machine everyones helping everyone else the best that they can many nights are spent in some ones garage with others working for a common goal "the best cars we can build with our money, skill and time". which means lots of stress, long nights, schlitz, and filler. Sounds like fun to me. Oh and lets not forget the sub zero temps in detroit. I'm proud of my crew, members and prospects really throwing down lots of hours to get ready for this event which in my opinon is the show of the year. I really want to see this continue after this mecca event, i want to see prospects and members thrash in the warm months on our members cars that still need lots of work, because thats what it's about the cars and the bonding that comes with a brotherhood like we've formed here. I really hope that some of our brothers from other chapters in other states can come here and share in the fun that is Detroit Autorama . We have been notified by the powers that be that we have "the" biggest spot with the most cars in the cobo basement. we arent doing anything special to win a club display throphy were going to let our craftmanship on our cars do the talking. my motto of late is " Less is more, Stay true, Stay poor." that about sums up this winter especially the poor part . In this crappy economy we still scrape and scrounge to build a quaility car that shows and drives on a budget. All the press we have had lately really makes it worth while we didn't seek any of it out we didnt contact magazines to get pictures in and articles written. They saw our cars and felt we were worthy, while it's not "cool" it really feels good that when you build something for yourself others apreciate and like what what your doing. Enough yapping and running on at the mouth for now, i need to go spend time with my kids on this day off so come monday I'm back at the grindstone with everyone else in the garage..........

See you all soon!

the print used in this in "Always over a Dame" by owens

Classy Broad of the week!

All i can say is wow!

Debbie not so harry!

Thanks Max...

GNRS preview!

Yes Chopper daves got some photoskills I'm digin blue today.

Sickle of the week!

Sporty's can be sick can't they?

Friday, January 23, 2009


Rob s old hilborn

Aria Giovanni

From Arias garag magazine shoot

Clickity Clow!

Aaron is sick son !

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What in a Garage?

Circa 04/05 in tha garage


Just Dropped!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This Weekend!!

Evans car got some body work done, Prospect Aaron's interior came alongway, Chris's body work is alot closer to paint, and i got my inner fenders ready for the louver press...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Download This!

I'm going to play this as the last track on my radio show on jan 21st. The shows dedicated to all my Road devil brothers world wide. A buddy sent me this song by the "Drive by Truckers" its called Daddy's Cup..

enjoy the free download here

then tune in to on jan 21 for Gimmie Danger RD edition. at noon pst and 3pm detroit time.

Praise the Lowered!

A truly famous lowrider from the 70's that graced many magazines and is widely recognized throughout the lowrider community has recently resurfaced for sale in Kentucky. The "Nostalgia Sleeper" '49 Merc showcar that was originally built by Classics CC member Charlie Lopez has been stored in a barn for the last 18 years and is in remarkable shape. It was originally silver then re done in the late 70's in red. The car disapeared and it was found out that it had been stolen and repainted. After it's recovery it was put in a barn and plans for a carson top were in the works. Congrats to the new owner Mr.Bomba who rescued her from it's carson top demise! Plans for a resto back to it's original silver state are on plan.

all courtesy of the Los Boulavardos.

Cool Cad.

Cool roadside find, 49 caddy in tokyo.

Hot Rod Magazine....again?

For the second consecutive month in a row the Detroit chapter of the Road Devils has appeared in Hot Rod Magazine. This time in an article about Rat Rods vs. Traditional Rods & Customs. A decent article with a very cool picture of our mascot "Sammy" taking front row with dave, brandon. eric, chris, and junebugs's a shame all of our cars didnt fit in the shot, which was taken at Hunnert car pile up just outside of chicago....

Friends of the Devils

Syndicate Barber shop in LBC, run by Eric of the Sinners.....if your out that way drop in for a shave.

Classy Broad of the day!

Classy Broad of the day is Veronica Ricci , not a friend of the devils but a looker anyway...

Project: "EFF YEW" progress

So after two days of block sanding and spreading finishing glaze, i turned to the making of the inner fenders which will be cut out tomorrow and sent off to the ole louver punch. while i get back to sanding the glaze and another round of blocking that fire wall. by the way -12 degrees keeps beer nice and cold..