Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wheels of Fire

Fighting Boredom

With 10 days till autorama and parts still not here to finish my car with is in limbo till they get here, I'm fighting boredom with these pics and this blog today.....hang in there....not long now.

Army of Tanks

Rad Ride of the Week!

Japanese Pinto Wagon

I know this guy who.......

Who tattooes really good script lettering ......seee!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Prez. Speaks...

Well It's been awhile and it's for a good reason. Busy, busy, busy. We are as of today 13 days from pulling 9 cars in to Cobo Hall. 4 cars are 99% done, there are 4 more that need work. and mine which needs 2 ups packages to get here to call it done. I spent the morning working on lil' details, Found this copy of "Hot Rod Show World" from the world of wheels Autorama. I hear they still sell these "upstairs" I loved these "programs" as a kid I think 77 or 78 was my first one I think thats why i place such a big deal on Cobo, I been a spectator at this show since i was like 5 years old. And last year our first year as a club in the show with 4 cars, and 12 months later 9 cars all with changes , most of them extremely drastic. So Stress and Rushing has been common place the last few months but as we are so close the fun is starting, the clean up and organizing is getting going. So I'm sure there will be tons of updates in a week or so. Maybe even updates from the show itself. Shorty After Autorama I will have listing of shows up here and we'll start planning our year of cruises and shows. But for me "Cobo" is the big one if you car was lucky enough to make the cut then you should be proud to be there and do all you can possibly do to make you car look its best under the bright lights downtown. So with that said I'm off to eat and get ready for a night of rubbing and polishing......take care and check back often!

CackleFest Warm up!




Nothing like the feeling of Nitromethane burning your eyes to make you feel like a man

100% back in the day.....

Classy Broad of the Day!

Rawr...oh yeah and George of LBCC's Impy in the back.

Before and After!

The Max Schaaf painted tank......he's really coming along.....sick sick sick

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stay Safe!

Nicks Olds!

One out of Two Prospect cars to be finished in the next 14 days.....

Evans Project

Another car about finished, that leaves the total at 4 done , and 5 to finish in 14 days. Back at it!

You ain't got this........

Monday, February 16, 2009


This is THE car that set the custom world on it's ass, and changed customizing forever. Lemme School ya'll this little corvette was the first car with a bubble top, ther first car with hydro pumps out of a B-52 bomber to raise and lower the car, and the first remote powered car remotes to pop the bubble, hood, work the hydros and drive and steer the young mexican and a corvette and a dream.

In 1959, Ron Aguirre took a 1956 Corvette and built a fairly mild custom just in time for the 1960 Roadster Show. Through the next 18 months or so, Ron continued to show the car while making minor adjustments to paint and body work. The car looked good and showed well, but Ron wanted something more. Undaunted, he tore into the Vette with aspirations of creating something truly unique.
He started with the suspension. I’m unsure of the accuracy of such a statement, but many consider the X-Sonic to be the first car to feature an adjustable hydraulic suspension. Whether or not it was the first, the feature certainly caught the attention of such publications as Rod & Custom and MotorTrend.
“The Space Age X-Sonic featuring Hydo-Suspension!”
“Wild Vette operates entirely through electronic magic!”
With the variable stance in hand, Ron moved on to the body. Through the years he had reformed the fiberglass body to add strange ground effects, quad lights, and fins, but this time Ron wanted something even more outlandish. He started with pontoon shaped front fenders that rolled back gracefully to the previously formed rear fins. The headlights were then hid behind the concave Opel grille. Still, the shape Ron wanted wasn’t popping… The addition of a bubble top finally got the car over the hump.
The interior is typical 60’s show fair with one exception - there is no steering wheel or joystick. Inexplicably, the X-Sonic had “push button” steering. Now, I’ve got no clue how such a device would work… and while you would think that the bubble top would have already rendered the car useless as a street car, I’ve actually heard folks talk about seeing Ron bomb around The San Bernadino/Riverside area fairly regularly in the car.
In any case, I love the shape of the X-Sonic. And to prove my buddy wrong, I thought I would shout to the world that this very well might be (there is a Gene Winfield asymmetrical car I’m in love with too) my favorite “custom rod” ever built - crazy steering and bubble top and all.


 I don't care what anyone says Shirley is hot, in the car and out of the car!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

2 inches

some sick 2 inch dropped uprights for us kingpin suspension guys...nothing to amazing i guess if your rollin a mustang 2 or s-10 clip

Sunday Fun!

Some rad photography from Dave Molloy. How cool is that 55 poncho grill as a front bumper on that truck....