Saturday, August 8, 2009

Random Unfinished Custom

yeah totally random in some ones backyard...put it up cuz it made me think about being at Jeff's today. Rain or Shine BDK Crew. Fuck the rest!

Real Pan!

sooo clean done just right by Dave!

Classy Broad of the Day!

Missy Mighty Mopar - Judy Lilly and no shes wasn't a stager, she was a racer! HOOOOT!

Tom's "A" Frame

Chris's Bro Tom had Matt at Ionia Hot Rod build him up a frame for his Coupe build....more to come!

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Real Nitro Circus


Why do people do that lake pipe through the fender bit.... cuz it sucks

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Been awhile since i put up some bikes. Forever Two Wheels!

1 %

When i grew up in the late seventies and early 80's my dad told me stories about the biker gang guys at work the 1% ers, we lived across the street from the owner of eternal tattoos, and i grew up with a chopper builder next door, guys with names like "Tramp" & "Spade" . I though wow this shits hardcore, then i got my first thrasher skate magazine in 1984, and i was listening to suicidal tendencies and i was like wow this is like were 1%ers of our time, I mean in 1984 if you skated you were an out cast. So fast forward to the early days of the trad hot rod scene and the first few billetproofs, growing up in detroit, and a car family i was exposed to many show car events since i could walk, so when i saw this scene creeping up i though damn it's like skating in 86', this is the new 1% of the times. So I ask you now a days that tattoos are soo cool, every doctor and lawyer take out there harleys on sundays, skateboarding has turned into little leauge, and everyother grey bearded goldchainer is sanding down his street rod and rattlecanning it to be "cool", with all this now I ask you how can one be an outcast, an rebel, a 1% er anymore??????? I think it all ends with my generation. There is nothing we can hve anymore that is dangerous, unacceptable, underground and deemed "uncool" by society. Sad. I beleive it's like Lester Bangs once said " The only true currency we have in this bankrupt world, is the times we share with others when your uncool." And the irony is when society deems you a 1% er it's pretty much saying your 100% into that thing that makes you not care about the rest of the world. So I say this...Live life full blown start to finish and don't slow down till you die.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Original Owner!

Tonight I met Ron Ivy, he was 19 the year he bought his new 409 powered bel air in 58'. and he drove that very same car tonight, with a trunk load of time slips , trophies, and pictures from over the years of being a drag racing champ, but what stoked me most was holding his "wally". i have never seen one in person and it's pretty fuckin sick. I'm glad i got to see his "True Sleeper" of a 409 and his old shit. Just one of them random things that happens on a wednesday night in a parking lot with a trunk full of beer.....

Gangster : the detroit custom

(personal editorial disclaimer) Ok With that said..... Every one is always "Califorina" this or "West Coast " that, well.....fuck the west coast, and witchita, and East coast, and while were at it screw that whole mentality that customs started in california. screw Barris too he aint done shit but movie cars since his brother died. No offense to anyone i just get burnt out on people not recognizing Detroit (where all the iron came from in the first place). I'm just proud of my hometown and the "style" of custom thats sprouted from it. So anyone remember the Alexander Bros.? Well there first shop was less than 2 miles from my house. with keroseane heaters to keep the paint booth up to temp in the winter months, just one of the many hardcore detroit things were used to, like only having 6 months tops to drive our cars, one reason that black shoebox has been driven in the snow..yeah SNOW. Sure it's cool to drive a slammed custom bring that nice car from whitter blvd. to southfield freeway where pot holes are as big as Escorts. So now that I've tried to up the ante on tough conditions and spots for car builders and drivers, on to the real reason i'm writing. After staring at this photo all day and realizing that while the majority of that cars imitate a style from a certain local in the history of custom cars, there is a subtle style that came from detroit and seems to be multiplying like gremlins when wet. In fact three top class winners at billetproof this year were of this stlye. I'll break it down then you can go click that pic and stare at it for a minute and you'll see it. For starters Extremely subtle body mods, no chop, no pinstripes, very plain color. the running theme here is "less is more". then the stance while we all like em low this stance fits and i see alot of it here slammed with out laying frame and looking broken down but doing so on huge 28.5 " tires no cheating with little radials. Also lets talk about customs the lines of a custom should never ever be broken, nothing added that doesn't look organic to the car, no crazy attachments or dumb things like square lights on a round car. And in the case of this car in particular the engine bay is flawless and needs to be seen so the hood is removed as to not break the lines by opening it at a show. Now in the "D" this adds to the degree of toughness, we get lots of shitty weather and this car has seen rain, sleet, snow, and sun. So after staring at this car long enough in this picture I think you'll agree with me that there maybe cars similar to this on the west coast but nothing really like this at all. And I know it's true because a major magazine editor from the bay area told me so. so I apologize if i offended anyone with my opening remarks but we are just really proud out what we do here and we wear it like a badge of honor around here. While many of our members have traditional customs, bellflower type cars, raw west coast hot rods, and taildraggers, there are a handful of true detroit style customs around here. This type of car just has a look that conjours up an image of a tough guy in that bar having a rusty nail, while his mean sleek car waits for him in a dark alleyway while the local hoodlums are to intimidated by the look of it to go near it while passing by. now that is pure gangster, cuz we all know real gangsters dont run their mouths, and they don't fight, and they certainly dont run from shit ...because they don't have to.

If your in the Boston Area

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Random Memories!

Here some random photos that have alot of memories attached to them for me from the last year....good memories, Stay tuned too from now till november we got alot of shit going on and two out of state long hauls....
Love it, Live it!

EMMMM good!

Pass em along...some fun stuff

What sorta man reads Road Devils Blog?

yup! HIM!

Monday, August 3, 2009

For Sale ????

i've been thinking as of late, of just throwing a basic interior into my 55 poncho so i can sell it for a il loot so i can begin my dream project ...i don't talk of it much becuase i never really though i could find a decent body but.. 1938 Ford super dark marron "shiny" 302 with multi carb set up manual tranny mustang 2 front stub power four wheel disc linclon zepher caps on wide whites 8 inch notch full gloss black chassis with marron and creme pinstriping marron and white tuck and roll interior mild shave and decking running boards on the ground This has been a dream to have for a while, and bonus is not many of these around here. The only way to trump this build would be a linlon zepher. I have quite a bit of time to think this plan out so if anyone knows the whereabouts of a 38 body and or chassis let me know

Dale won King of Clubs 2009!

Drag Car of the Week!

The Road Devils own Grocery Getter piloted by Dale Van Zant!


8 mile and farmington rd.

North Gratiot Cruise 09'

My view of our private party during the gratiot cruise yesterday....enjoy!