Sunday, July 4, 2010

Shot of the Week!

Kutty doing what he loves....

The Prez. Speaks...

It's been a long time, I promise again taht ill keep up on this more frequently. It's hard during summer. We have had a suggestion that all the members have access to this so any time at random anyone in the chapter can post on here. So on to the latest news around the campfire. Brother Eric is shipping off to Iraq next week (we wish him well and hope to see him soon) and he left us the keys to the 31.... oooooh boy! Also Chris's new chassis is ready for paint, we may have some pics soon of a trim and paint change on the Red 49 Cartermobile, Roberto's 59 Elky is awaiting a really unique wheel and tire combo which is on its way, Dave's new 72 SuperVan is the raddest daily driver around, Franks 59 F-100 is gettin a bit of road time and just may see the Gasser treatment this winter, And we have been Seeing alot of Crazy Tom & Ionia Matt lately and it's a good thing. In merchandising news Were almost out of our current shirts and they have been discounted, after that i do believe we're gnna plan our next thing which probably wont pop up till end of fall. The last 12 months have brought forth alot of progression in our work, we lost two cars but gained two better ones, we had two big facelifts on two vehicles, and gained a few older projects, I feel were coming in to our own quite well as most of our current vehicles are close to finished. In other news Dave has become a So-Cal dealer and has plans to open a Speed Shop in berkley right off of woodward within the next year keep that in mind for any future hard parts needed for traditional hot rod chassis. This year we have concentrated on ourselves rather than shows and cruises, if you see Dave at a show or cruise it's most likely he'll be in the SuperVan pedalin gear, and were doing a frame off on Chris's new Ford, and We put Franks truck on the road so he can terrorize Wyandotte. Next up most likely some cruises to the Drive-In, and Bars, Bonfires and BBQ's. Were workin on our brotherhood and our cars as much as we can I'm proud to see what were doing together, it means more to me than driving to Hunnert AGAIN. So stay tuned as hopefully a few of the other fellas post up pic's and progress on what they're workin on.

Have a safe 4th everyone and don't get to crazy!
Junebug "2%'" Spade