Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Prez. Speaks...

Long Time No Talk, It's been super busy around the devils camp lately, We Rolled down to Killumbas, OH for the 2nd Hell On Wheels, Chris did the autocross course, I drag raced, a wedding went down and much fun was had with Devils from all for corners of the U.S.A. . And a Road Devils Family Reunion Is being planned for next year out west already. Then right back into the thick of things Brandon finished up his stint on the new "top secret" Discovery Channel show and rounding out the end of the month Brother Eric and the rest of us put time in on finishing the body work for the car from the build. Next up possably, Chris and his bro, and Myself on future episodes. But for now, 4 days till The Treck to Morris, Ill for the Hunnert Car Pile Up, and this year we got like 17 people in tow, It's gonna be the best year yet. You can count on more pics, and faster ....yeah i know i keep sayin that and end up slackin'. After That its full speed ahad workin on all the projects that will be going down before possibly the last Autorama at Cobo Hall. In Other news if you didn't notice take another gander at the shirt on my back in that shot of us workin on the Discovery Channel car.......yup.....YUP...New shirts. finally in to match our coats, were quite happy with em our own Keven Carter did the Art. Also look below at the soon to be here RDFL cholo bandanas, those will be for sale in a support package were putting together but the'll be very rare, only 50 made and i'm sure once all the detroit chapter members get there paws on em there wont be many left to sell, but i'll keep you posted. In other media Gearhead #19 is being layed out as we speak by the world reknowned Mike LaVella so keep you eyes peeled for an article on our trip to Biletproof by me with pic's by Nick Armstrong..hopefully it makes the grade. In build news, Nicks C-10 is getting pretty stinkin close to the ground, Daves almost ready to chop of his rof, and Eric and Me are cleaning up our interiors with a lil extra metal. Chris has an engine swap planned, Keven just rewired everything and got the Ford runnin full speed, And one of Franks Cars is on the road and ready for all kinds of tweeks. From the looks of things next year our friend Zack will have a mean juiced Impala on the road, and I hear our buddy Marc's chevy is gettin a facelift........Well I'm of to rest up for a long week of getting the car ready for an even longer drive to a weekend full of fun. See ya either from the hotel wi-fi in Illinois or when i get home...

Classy Broad of the Day!

If your by "Jonny's Saloon" in Orange County stop in and See Laura...

Oral Carnale!

Coming Soon Hit me up Limited supply !

Hell On Wheels Trip 09'

Finally Heres just a Few Shots from Detroit's trip down to The Road Devils Hell on Wheels nostalgic drags.