Saturday, November 15, 2008

You can't say Bomb on an airplane!

this was captured in the parking lot of the peterson automotive museam during the Lowrider history exhibit.

The Top 3 of 1959'

These are the top three custom cars of 1959 from rod and custom. they really show what it was like just before customs got kookie in the 60's and mild lowriders became king. the top car is spot on perfect in my opinon minuse that wacky lake pipe (but i never liked lakes to exit from the body or be molded in) and the shoebox in second place well man if you can name all the parts from all the cars..your a better man than me, i can spot the obvious 55 poncho eyebrows, vette grill and the glorious sidetrim, but theres alot going on on that car. But man o man what is going on in third place there? is that fins on a box ICK!.....we all have our own opinons but i just thought i'd throw out these pics from yester year.

"REAL" Low rider of the week.

This is from way back, this 57' Olds is Red's Of the famous Red's hydro shop in CA. Long before 13 inch rims, hoppers, air bags, hydros. This lo-lo is LOW ans that son is how she rides. Click on it an check out the full size shot of this classic mild low custom.

Dragstrip Dolls & Gearhead Girls

I just got my hands on the new David Perry "Hot Rod Pin-Ups 2" coffee table book. It's the hottest thing i have seen in a long time. he out did himself this time he did the Billy Gibbons book, the Hot Rod Pin-Ups 1, and the Cole Foster book, as well as a hndfull of other coffee table hot rod and girlie books and this is one of his best with some good stories thrown in ever few pages and a forward by Coop. Even though i got it cheaper than most It's worth every penny of the 35 buck askin price. for a sample of it go back and look at the first few "Classy Broad" posts they are from this book or hit up his site he has a few sample shots up....

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Whos ready for the weekend?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Prez. Speaks!

Back again, Writing this as i'm listening to the MC5 and building cars on the line at fomoco in between cars with a lap top on top of my tool box, it seems i never get out of a garage. But i digress, In the garage happenings are, My engine bay, Chris's wagon re-spray, Eric's tri-power, Dave's gas gauge, Franks motor mounts and rear suspension, Evans shifter. So it looks to be a busy winter. Also in club news Evan is getting married this month, so a big congrats to him and the lil lady. Rolanda and Beth's team the Pistolwhippers are starting a new season on the track as well. We will be planning our Autorama Display soon as well. I saw gas this morning for $1.86 yet the economy is still falling, but don't get me started on that topic, I'm just happy to have a job, and that my car is paid for and solid enough to drive daliy, it's like i'm always sayin " You can sleep in your car, but you can't drive your house to work!". Stay tuned as I will try to get pics and updates of all the current projects as shit gets done. Now go click on that picture of Watson's old shop and take a good look at that parking lot, a bygone era right before it all got "Kooky" when mild customs with artistic pain ruled.......enjoy

Classy Broad of the day!

words escape me!

What I Call Home!

my birthplace, my home of 35 years, i'll never leave while she may be gritty and dark, and shady she'll always be my home. While the romance of the beauty of decay intruiges me it hurts to see the burnt down crack house i live next to every day after my hard job. But i'm confident in time we will rise from the ashes and once again be a renaissance city.


Box of the week!

Steve Seller's old flamethrowin' shoebox. If youv'e ever seen it in action then you know it's put any flamethrower setup Voodoo Larry ever built too shame.

Monday, November 10, 2008

One of my top 5 favorite 36 fords!

Autorama Basement thoughts

So i got to thinkin' (scary eh?) tuners and tradtionalists are always crammed together in the cobo basement. what if we itnertwined both styles. Could this be in the works............we'll all just have to wait and see.

Pic of the day!

Pouring rain at the (in my opinon) best event of summer, Jeff's BBQ (BDK) . This is a word of mouth/invite only event but my fave of the year. Jeff Shea has been a personal friend of mine for 11 years now, he's done striping and gold leaf for me and 90% of my tattoos. I commend him for keeping this going year after year.

I'm in love with triplets!

The sneek peek first look at the famous "First Three". courtsey of "Hibdons High Speed Fuel & Manifold Services".

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Erics Rod!

some pics from putting his top on for the trip to hunnert ....enjoy

Detroit Dragway Footy! circa 59'