Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Woody TX

Wood from the texas chapter ride! shot by SHA.

Vintage Ad of the month

Found this searching for vintage helmet air cleaners

Old pic of the week!

I know nothing about this I stole it fromt he RedBalls chopper blog

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Life 10 million

Life magazine released 10 million potos from their archives. I searched for, Ford motor co, Detroit, car clubs, hells angels, hot rods, customs, drag racing, jimmy hoffa, and detroit dragway. Heres some of the cool shit i found, they are all huge so you can click em and save em if you want. You'll probably have to scrool back in to archived blogs cuz i added so many, this will be my only post today. Enjoy

Monday, November 24, 2008

Project: "EFF YEW"

All wiring has been hidden in the frame, inner fenders gone, and time to high gloss black the engine and bay smooth fire wall, and chrome out the motor and slap together the vintage offy intake and 3 94's i have.....In the garage till further notice check back often for pic updates.


This is NOT a road devils car, This is NOT a road devils garage. This is however a road devil applying a gallon of body filler of the cheaper kind i believe to the roof of a chopped chevy. In his defense there was most definatly alcohol involved. Friends don't let friends drink and "skim coat".

Shiny Part of the day.

Dave getting his "shine" on. (1000 cfm)

Pic of the day

The wreckage on the dragstrip after Adam won the burn out contest at Hell On Wheels in his modified.

Golden Rod!

Not much cooler than puttting in a motor in a motel parking lot in bonnieville then setting a 200 mph land speed record.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Eric's new set up

Eric had some fun in the garage yesterday, putting together the new manifold and adapter he painted for his 31' Ford. Lookin freggin tight. stay tunned for a picture of it on the car soon.