Friday, June 5, 2009

Vintage Mag!

Customs & Rods

Classy Broad of the Day!

Corey Parks dj on the compoundradio, sister to Baller Cherokee Parks, Milf Extrordinare, and Bassist so more bands than you know...
Road Devils Europe Chapter car show flyer, 


I been slackin this week , billetproof is tomorrow and we got in new support stickers and beer coozies for sale , stay tuned next week for lots of updates and pics from billetproof and the hot rod power tour....

Monday, June 1, 2009

Detroit hero of the year!

Fred "Sonic" Smith and the legendary MC5 ,

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dog of the Week!

Simply, it’s a Hebrew National hot dog tucked with ham and mozzarella cheese into a bun with raw onion, spackled with crushed pineapple, sprinkled with crushed potato chips and finished with a three-squeeze-bottle lattice of catsup, mustard and mayonnaise. You’re either cringing or entranced right about now. According to Jonathan Gold, “It is impossible to eat the thing without smearing condiments on your nose, but it isn’t bad - the pineapple serves the same basic sweet-sour function as pickle relish, and even the crushed potato chips make a certain kind of textural sense.”

Project of the month!

Scoot's lil rod is coming along nicely

Classy Broad of the Day!

Thats 100% class right there

9's the hard way

Chops next video...