Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Car of the Week!

Dr. Dans 55 Chevy.....

The Prez. Speaks...

Well here we are 7 days from LOAD IN for COBO HALL! yeah thats right, if your in the area stop in to the 58th annual Autorama go down the escaltor and into the basement and past all the artist alleyway hubb bubb and Lamefinger shop and see how real clubs do it. Well be there in full force to show all the hard work we've done over the winter to a few cars and sell a few support shirts, but most of all we'll be there to have fun and hang out with all the other real clubs in the area. So swing by and say hi buy us a beer and pick up an invite to our memorial day BBQ if your one of the chosen few, and dont forget to head across the isle and see our homies the Poor Boys and pick up the details on "the Sins of Steel" show theyre doing in the early summer this me it's gonna kick ass and it's 100% Allenproof. I'm quite sure neither display will be hard to find.... And If your not around town check in for updates, not sure if well be able to do live day by day ones like last year but I'll try.
HNIC Local 313

It's good to have friends

Garage Mag has a new issue and site up..

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