Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ole Skool!

My buddy Josh took these of Duane.....this IS skateing...period

The other reason to have a garage!

this is what my garae looked like till i had to store cars in it


at least he's wearing a helmet!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Loyal Friends...ORALE!

Our Good Friend Evan Greenspan Made our club jackets, he now has available for download a catalog of there other wears. They have been selling 50's style lowrider clothes since the 20's.

check out there catalog here.

New sign.

for the garage...swap meet find


"Altogether it had cost me about $109,000 to build the car, I made $85,000 back in car show appearances, T-shirt sales, HOT WHEELS royalties and other things, and I sold the car for a quarter mil. After paying the auction company their 10% ($25,000) and another $50,000 to my friend Uncle Sam, I cleared $175,000 from the sale."

I was re-reading about this car this morning....

Sunday Model

Half Pint

the Wildman couldn't handle the night out with the detroit road devils....it was just too much for him.