Sunday, November 27, 2011

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Mud Goodsleeve has a new start up if your lookin for some Xmas gifts . give it a look.

The Prez. Speaks...

Been a while, as usual i'm about to say ill keep up on this more often, but i think this time i just might. We have some cars in the chapter that are nearing "completion" and some just starting. And as it seems there are a few changes in growth, for the most part one being age, most of the current line up of vehicles are considerably older in age and harkening back to the art deco age of customs such as Chris's 40 ford and his 37 Ford, and other changes deal with quality and speed such as Toms' 34 and my own 29' late 50's era Drag inspired cars. Are prospects are maturing quite nicely as well.
We wont be making a display to compete at Cobo hall this year, we will be concetrating on more cars and better quality cars yet again. Each year we hit cobo as a club we bring at least one car thats considered finished and more than half the cars are ones that we haven't shown before. thats a tradition we'd like to carry on.
So with that being said ill try to post random pictures of current work were doing in the garage until February. Once it gets warm out all bets are off on my participation on here, i just may share the password and login with my officers so we can all make entries and get more of a broad spectrum of the chapter from others.
So that being said, back at it in the garage. Well see ya soon. Check back.


If you dug Garage magazine, Youll dig this Dave Stoner has started up a new rag if your lucky or rich you can find a copy of issue #1 for around $50 on ebay it dropped about a week ago. if not wait till issue two and check the web site till then @