Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Prez. Speaks...

SO so so.... Whats up with the club ????

Well we are getting ready to have our Annual Family Dinner, Sort of a sit down we do all the members get together for a holiday dinner and some havoc and in there somewhere we do a hugh year end meeting. Shows for next year, votes on important shit, who's gonna do what projects, yadda, yadda, yadda.......

Other than that we have Dave's chop moving along nicely , the truck is chopped 2 inches, and the wipers are shaved, a pillers slanted, drip rail removed, along with the vent windows. Also the addition of a different visor and new paint in the works. Stay posted for pic's but for now big props for that old guy chopping a truck in four days. My engine bay clean up is about done, and We are moving right along with plans for Cobo Hall.

New Additions include Keven Carters roadster body which he and Chris are heading to Texas to pick up next weekend.

Sick Shot of the Week....

yeah theres no roof, and some flames but i just dig the real film look of this one!

Back in Black!

So In my garage lately i squirted my risers and offy intake gloss black and got them there expensive fuel proof nota gonna leak gaskets ( yeah right) and hid my coil, and moved some wiring to clean it all up. tomorrow new distribby and some black gas lines and she's gonna be back up an runnin..

Classy Broad of the Week!

It's Back by Popular demand enjoy Tera!

Way Back!

In 1992 this was Mike Ness's (social distortion fame) 1955 Poncho built with Cole Foster.... the rest of the classy rides belong to his bro's the Lonely Kings C.C.

from time to time i'll try and post a shot from the begining of the resurgance of this style ...

Custom shots of the week!

Cool Caddie.

Random Pic's

How sick is this old sign man??????? seriously dude rad!!!

Concrete Wave

WHAT GET HYPED!!! or stoked which ever bro....

Indy Machine

Found this rad tattoo machine made from an independent skate truck....some dude in Canada makes em.....dig it!