Friday, January 2, 2009

Bondo Dust & Beers!

Saturday 3pm Filler, Primer, & Beer......Stay Tuned Because that spells good times.

Roller Derby next Saturday night!

The Next bout for The Pistolwhippers (Rolanda & Beths team)

Remember Gratiot?

Few shots of Brando rolling through the gratiot cruise and one from HOW in ohio i don't ever remember seeing

Now thats a bike.

Stole these from over on the church web site first ones old other two new.. BANG!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Prez. Speaks!

Happy new year peoples.....Hope you all had a good and safe holiday season. And now that it's January 1 2009, time for new changes and less slackin, so with the new year starting today I upgraded many features of this machine here, notice the side bar over to your right > Yeah the random car videos that resfresh every time the page is viewed, and the organization of catogries for easy back viewing. Also i grabbed up a few cups of joe and the new Rod and Custom mag and i gotta tell you I really dig the article on "Live Wire" Piero Deluca's 30-31 Coupe. You've seen it its thhe light frosty blue beauty thhat the "Mad Fabricators So." guy built. But the article is was does it for me and what i think a few of us are striving for point blank as he says in his interview " My Goal was to build a car that people would have to ask "Is that an old restored show car?". My target was 1958, right when we were starting to experiment with custom paints, frosting candies and fades. Cars had to be equally as good on the bottom as on the top and the interiors were just as nice as the paint outside. I wanted nothing to do with the rust, primer, and rat that seemed so popular today. I wanted a nice solid ride, a sealed interior, and a screaming mill." And pull it off he did. These are the articles that fire me up to make the best car i can with my time, money, and skill. The article came just in time as I'm recovering from a head cold funk, tomorrow is the day I go out and pick up filler, primer, and metal to shave my firewall. As this weekends project is looming I was losing steam, but it seams to be all better now. Amped is the word to describe how I feel, I mean a few bro's a 12 pack, a welder and the smell of body filler in the air on a saturday night is what we as a whole are all about. Enough about me and my feelings of anticapation for Saturday afternoon. Lets talk about this coming season. At our Last meeting alot of things were brought to the table, in short it's a big year, for the club as a unit. We have three guys were bringing in under our wings, We all have goals for our cars, we have one project in the club that I think will hit the streets by the end of the summer, we also have an agenda....I hope this severe early winter brings an even earlier spring, I am counting the days till i hang up my coat and need nothing more than a tee shirt to go out to the garage. As I look out the kitchen window at the snow covered drive way i dont want to shovel, It occurs to me i should go check the battery and fire the car and get her ready to drive to the shop in just 48 hours.... Well you and take it easy and i'll keep chuggin along on this club blog.


Rebel Rodz....

Stopped up at the bookstore today to slum around, and ripped open the new rebel rodz mag, don't bother picking it up and getting that filth on your hands i used my handy danay camera phone and took a picture of the only good thing in that rag. this bitchin' grill.........the hood corners should be rounded and the chop is too drastic but that girll is bad ass.

1955 Petersen Motorama

Taking the publishing world by storm.... 25 cents an issue! motor trend, hot rod, lowrider, car craft all to follow.....

From Way Back...

YEAH! going way back to the glory days......stole all these from the los boulevardos forums.....

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Compound Radio

Listen to The Gimmie Danger show every Wed at 3pm detroit time, high noon califas time. Adrenaline fueled detroit rock and roll. only on listener supported Compound Radio

Detroit Dragway

the ole ramchargers speed shop slingshot.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

In the paper


From the Streets!


Get In the Slampit!


Much fun and fightin was had at the ALD reuinion show at Smalls last night.

Westside Bootboys were out as well as a few WAP guys, Anthony,Lady McDeath, and one crazy mexican