Thursday, September 10, 2009

Horseless Carrage?

I'm in love ....

Classy Broad of the Day!

Yup still stalkin; her and shes still hot!

Skoty Chops Open House!


Some Dude in Cali showed up at Skoty Chop's Open House with this Detroit Built Ride by Pul from PMA, and yeah it's right hand drive bitches............

Next Saturday!

Friends of the Devils

Our friends Jeff and Heather Shea did the paint work on this new Detroit Brothers build....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

SOA season 2

Shit went off last night, if you didn't see it iTunes that shit son!

Play me a song Curtis Lowe.

Best shit I've seen all week , this could be a Miller High Life commercial. this is what i dream about when i'm not building dream cars in my head...

Classy Broad of the Day!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Last nights movie...

Guess Whos Back?

Shaun Palmer, Downhill Comeback - Trailer from Litter Mag on Vimeo.

Wow I never though I'd See the Pizzalm Back... I was there at the Worlds Downhill in 96 in Virgina when he got drunk started a fight then after a night in the drunk tank got out and headed right to the start only to kick every ones ass ands bee the first one t the beer truck at the finish line...


Yup this is what i was into in 93'


Yup this is what i was into in 93'

Yo Frank!


Two Wheeled Twoesdizzle! Forever Two Wheels


Jesse Tweeted this picture of his true love, (besides sandra) Finnaly not in primer anymore. simple high gloss black. dig it!

Almost that time of year again!

Memories of last years Pile up......mmmmmm this years gonna be even better...Can't wait!

Classy Broad of the Day!

actually this one really is classy ;)

True Heroes #13

Jay rippin it up in Hawaii