Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years.

in 7 short months i too will be on holy ground......this is my new years gift to you brothers an sisters of speed.

Depth of Speed - A Pinch of Salt from Josh Clason on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

They call it "Detroit!"

Less than tow months till Autorama. The mad rush has already begun. It's always worth it, the rush, the stress, the planning, the lost sleep, the mad thrash. What we refer to as simply "Cobo" has grown into our favorite show as a club. Not only because of the deep history as "the Show" in customs cars period, but also each year our club display has grown and matured. We started out with 4 primered halfway finished cars and a few old parts spread on the ground. Now we've been told we are taking up the biggest spot they have with almost 15 cars. We've done full on displays with a garage built on site, one year we brought only cars that had never been seen before "our second cars", this year were bringing all they can house. We have 4 cars from out of state 3 from the Ohio "mother chapter", 1 from our Devils Brigade "military chapter and 10 from our own stable. 6 of which are under various states of construction. Busy busy times. Come down an hang out and have a beer this year, we wont have any support gear to sell, we wont have a bad ass garage to hangout in, hell all of our cars wont be finished by then but well be there ready to finally relax and enjoy the first show of 2012. see ya there or yer square.


Two teasers 10 months into the build at this point i'm not showing to much since cobo hall is just under 2 months away. but that Vintage Eelco gas tank started this whole project off it was the first part i got off a friend and club member, and since then the list has grown and all by friends, family, or club members. the list of parts not provided or bought by those people can be counted on one hand. this ones for life.......