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Classy Broad of the Day!

This Chika Is our Classy Urguayan friend and a damn hot one........

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The Prez. Speaks...

Whatupdoe......It's been about a week without any updates, thats cuz I took a week off and dedicated it to training kids in Skate Camp. Now that i'm wrecked from skating 5 days straight for 6 hours a day with 23 kids, I'm back in action full blown. So heres the skinny on club news, plans are in the works for limited edition support shirts so stay tuned on that front although my guess is they wont be available till Cobo Hall. This year would definatley be the year for anyone and everyone to come see us in the basment at Autorama next March. Nuff Said! Currently "technically" only one project around here, that is till we start cutting metal soon on Daves Chop. The show season is dying down a lil for us, only stuff to look forward to is Hell On Wheels and the Pile Up both fall shows which tend to be my fave weather to roll in. Let's see what else is there???? Hmmmm. Not to much, We still have Stickers and Beer Coozies and the Older Support Shirts for sale. if your interested email me here . As for the club members we are all doing well, Franks 59 Ford F-100 is on the road, Keven Carter is about to become a daddy, Chris is still alive, and erics car is still mintylicious. We hope to see you about town in your cars driving them like you should be.. It's been a good year so far and we've made alot of great friends on the road and hope to make more. See you guys on the streets.
"It works every time!"

Pimpin' aint easy....

SO i'm lurkin around face book, and i find this shot of Eric's "A" and two skater friends of mine they spotted the car in front of the berkley front and procceded to pose out.....they had no clue it was a RD car cuz they are gay........funny pic though!


Keven says change that wallpaper....

small version and widescreen version all the credit goes to Keven Carter of Car-N-Art he's a rad dude with a sick mind and skills to boot. just wait till you see some of the support merch we have lined up for the go buy a print on his site and support his lil one who will be here any day.

Classy Broad of the Day!

A friend of a friend If your in columbas ohio and know which bar she works at stop in an say hi...if not dont bug me about who she is....


Rise Above is Josh Lazies new shits, so check it out to see the stuff in life that is real......