Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Road Devils BBQ!

Back Again and lookin at the wetaher forcast it looks to be a kick ass day once again. So heres this years run down.

If you were there last year it's at the same spot, if not hit up the email address on the flyer for detailed directions, It's Beechwoods Park in Southfeild MI.

This year.
Horseshoe Tourney
Hell in a Handbasket ( blindfolded shopping cart racing)
Adult sized Pedal Car racing
All Throphy Winning Events

Free while it lasts

Bring your own but were workin on finding a keg

bring your car get a bad fuckin ass patch if your one of the first 100 cars in the gate
Quite possibly this year our first Lowrider Hop Off...

Bring your wives, girlfriends, and childrens cuz this place is big and there lots of play structures and family friendly activities.

So Come on out and drive your car bring your kids and have a great time the food is on us.....

Robs Dad??????

Could be........

So long, farewell, bye bye....

she's no longer a road devils vehicle..the ole girl will be missed. She had to make room for a 40 Ford...not a bad trade....

Randoms for inspiration..

Royal Jokers Cruise Night May 2010

Royal Jokers Cruise Night

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What Do you expect from a city with a statue of a big fist

Not a Rat Rod Show!!!!!

figure 8 mini bike racing, tradtional cars, bands, and all around good local people