Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chris 40' Progress report 11-10-10

the chassis just about ready for the body and wiring, motors waiting on the tranny to get rebuilt...

Ionia Matt's Nailhead powered track gobbling beast!

I dont know where to start, If you see this in person its small, low, and looks like it'll be really fun to drive....just maybe she'll be done by Cobo 2012

Tom's Buick

Tom's buick well be at cobo, layin on the fucking cement tuckin vintage buick wires......beter recognize

Keven's "Gow Cart"

Some Teasers to wet your whistle for Kev's long term project.

The Prez. Speaks...

Well well well, look whos back.
not sure were to begin y'all. Well it was brought up at the last meeting that this aint been updated in quite some time. Well here goes. It was a super busy summer Sins of Steel was awesome, since then pretty much weve been driving and planning whats next for us. a few trips to Ohio was good for us. Not alot of shows but a good amount of driving, I'll post some random shots from our summer within the next few days. We have two new members in the club who should have been down from the start Tom an Matt are great brothers and true traditional car guys for life . We have quite a few projects going down this winter as well so some of our cars may look a lil different come spring. We also have two in progress hot rod builds in the club , I know i know your used to seeing customs are here but as we are maturing our cars are getting older. We've been ironing out alot of things lately and from a founding member i must say it is feeling more like a family every day. Were right where we need to be. So for now our sights are on our projects and getting all the cars you've not seen of ours to Cobo Hall instead of just showing up with the same old stuff. Were planning on leaving that stuff at home and showing off some of our hidden gems. So I'll try and keep this lil blog going as we cover our winter projects and new builds. and after the first of the year possibly a list of shows for next year, if we decide to do shows this year. We spent alot of this past summer only going to shows that benifit our traditional hot rod community and the rest of the time travling to thing or places we havent been. We dont want this thing to get stagnent. So check back from time to time and well have some updates but it wont be like it was all random girlie pics and links, only solid info and pictures of our progression in to this next year.