Sunday, May 30, 2010

A few more from the "Q"

2nd Annual Road Devils BBQ

Here's some random pic's from the course of the day cars, people, and events. It was soo much fun were definatley going to keep uping the ante on games. The horseshoe tournament is a staple, members from every local club were in it, it kicked ass. The pedal and shoppin car races were so crazy it was fun to see abunch of liquored up adults acting a fool. Food was great, and a big thank you to anyone who brought anything to help out. I'm confident that next year will be even better. We are going to continue the your bring a car you get a patch from here on out so don't make any plans for the saturday of Memorial Day weekend ever again cuz you'll wanna be at the BBQ. Anyone down for mini bike flag drop drag racing next year ?????