Friday, December 12, 2008

Wasn't Me

look at that another 55' the same color and slammed ...what the crap!


Tom Foster And Jimmy Shine

driving thru the streets of Japan

Thursday, December 11, 2008

More Exclusive Yokohama

EXCLUSIVE! (mooneyes japan show)

All the way from Woodward Ave Detroit to Yokohama Japan. Our friend of the devils Tom Haas's brothers car built buy his bonneville crew chief Jimmy Shine..far from home. Yes people we seen this bad boy spinning tires on woodward this summer.

And followed by Cole Fosters newest build...Exclusive dude no one gots these pics yet...

James Hetfields amazing buick....

And our Ole friend and skateboarder extrordinair Max Schaaf and his 4Q (say that fast) all the way from Oaktown....

Yup Hot of the presses I got these from a chopper buddy in Japan who was at the show.......Faster than all you H.A.M.B.sters......

Custom of the Week!

This was the "Sewer Pickle" built by Nick from vegas hes our national VP. And i threw it up here in memory he lost this in his divorce. It was one of the finest four door customs i've ever seen way back when i was a nomad and there wasn't even a detroit chapter yet......................


What a Dick!

Road Devils Hell On Wheels article from HH magazine

"Original hot rod builders were very liner in purpose regarding their machines: go faster than the other guy. Asthetichs were secondary, performance was primary. Dry lakes and abandoned runways converted to drag strips quickly became the preferred meeting places for these machines and there enthusiastic owners who were launching an industry and hobby with lasting power they could not possibly imagne.

Over time, the hot rod craze cooled somewhat. only to see many of them re-emerge years later in other configurations built or rebuilt with and eye towrds comfort and style , rather than performance. Hot rod drag events dwindled, reflecting the new trends known as cruise-ins, rod runs, and in the last few decades the mega show. This style of car also had some legs, these types of rods exsist in great numbers and are enjoyed by many to this day. Dispite their popularity, many individuals longed for events that wouldallow them to wring out their homebuilt machines and compete against them selves as other like minded hot rodders.

Fortunately for all of us, the old style hot rods came roaring back, spurred in part by a young new generation of builders who have discovered the charicter and charm and simplicity of these machines. These young enthusiasts also appreciate the original concept of building it, bating the heck out of it at the track. The idea was as simple then as it is now.Building the car to the best of their abilities, going to the track, fighting for that last tenth of a second, and fixing it when it breaks.

A prime example of these young hot rod guns is the Road Devils Car Club. This worldwide club boasts over a dozen chapters in far-flung corners of the globe. Best of all they have a real affinity for buliding cars and using them for their intended purpose.

Case in point: The first annual Hell On Wheels, a full on tradtional flag drop drag race event held this past summer by the Road Devils at national trails raceway in Hebron, Ohio. The Road Devils are no stranger to hosting great events, having sponsered such events as the Thaw Out , and the Fender Bender. While these events were fun the fellows knew it was time to go racing. Enter the powers that be at National Trails Raceway. They approched the Road Devils, after several meetings to plan their attack, The stage was set for some serious hot rod abuse.

As it was in the beginning. these drag races were flag start, 1/8 mile. Although some nostalgia dragsters made exhibition 1/4 mile passes. Regardless of the length of the race participants responded by using every last inch of the track. There were some very impressive demonstrtions of power on this day. Participants had to adhere to a pre 1972 American Built mandate. Motorcycles were welcome if built in a tradtional manner. Regarless of typ of machine, most participants got out on the track and let it all hang out, as the saying goes.

Not wanting to leave any stone unturned, The Road Devils also added some standard hot rod show far to the burning rubber and race gas. Flame throwing, pin up, and a burnout contest sponsered by Daimond back Tires were all on the agenda. Three bands belted out great music in the evening, and everyone congregated in the timing tower after hours to bench race, have a beer, and enjoy the atmosphere of a historic race track littered with hot rods.

As can be seen from the photos, ominous clouds hung low most of the day: the occasional rain burst casuse a delay or two. No matterfolks simply congregated in the vendor area, and waited it out. Towards the end of the day a severe storm rolled throught the area, but as is always in the midwest, the weather straightened out after a while, allowing everyone to enjoy the evening entertainment.

Once again, the Road Devils have struck a hot rodding nerve. and they want to do it again next year. No doubt it will be even bigger and better. Get the old Bomb tuned up razor sharp and drive to Hell On Wheels 2, line up on the starting line, peer over your cowl at the flag starter, and pretend it's 1952.

This article is from the Hometown Hotrods Magazine christmas 08 issue with photos from the event by Keven Carter.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Detroit History Landmark

this was the old burger stand in detroit where all the hot rodders went long before woodward,long before the grey beard cruise nights, long before muscle cars...back when the Alexander bros. did there thing in a shack on Telegrph rd. and Northwestern . and it was located pretty much at the end of my street.

Old School

buck 75 for a shirt.....dang. The last one on the right is kick ass.

How they roll in Japan

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Houston Autorama 08'

I really dig the jack stand stanchions that Los CoChinos used. I'd like to steal that for our display

Rusty Ole Farm Truck of the Day

Rad ole studabaker eh? Oh and the fine lady is friend of the devils Amina Munster who also makes all of my kick ass belts, so if your in the market of one let me know i'll steer ya in her direction.

Hunnert revisited (randomness)

Some random shots from the HCPU this year....enjoy!

kinda hot....

Dont know who she isw, Dont know who shot it. But i stole it from Chopper Daves site....

Monday, December 8, 2008

This Saturday night!

Our own Rolanda Jackson will be rolling in the first blout of the season down at the masonic . come on out and join the fun

Daily Grind (the prez speaks)

As i drink my coffee this morning, I sit back and ponder the last weeks events. For me it was very hectic and full of rushing around and stress. So much so that i didnt have time to catch up with a fellow brother who'd been out of the country for weeks. It really got me down, During this busy holiday season with all the hustle and bustle we all really need to try and make time to spend with our friends and loved ones. Lifes too fuckin short. This sites shaping up pretty much how i thought it would. Hopefully we'll get more members in progress pics up soon.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Looks Like Eric's been busy in the garage this weekend! Lookin tough............................................