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Uber Classy Broad of the Day!

Watch it Fells keep it fuckin clean, This is Rolandas Lil Sister Tyger lookin as adorable as ever , And let me tell you if you get out of line She'll kick your ass so hard you won't know your name.........

The Road Devils BBQ! (photos part 1)

Thanks to Nick Armstrong heres the first batch of photos from yesterday! ENJOY!

The Road Devils BBQ!

The 1st Annual Road Devils BBQ was a huge succsess. First Let me Thank The DeadBeats , The Nightmares, The Poor Boys, The Deadlast, & Switch car clubs. We had over 43 cars and around 5 bikes show up. Being a Invite Only show on a holiday weekend we didn't know what to expect. But As I told good friend Jeff Shea his Broken Dream Kruise which i have been to since year one was my insipration We as a club seem to like gatherings like this more than shows, forget spectators and trophies, Our Ideal behind this is you need to have a car to get in you drive it there park it then hang out and play horsehoes and jarts, drink eat, shoot the shit, watch every ones kids play together, then do a wheelstandin wholeshot on the way out! It's a family reuinon for all the guys we see at shows but never have time to get to know or see that much. We had two muscle cars and two low riders and one  street rod  and one 66' mercedes there and were a little worried about the mixture of people but everyone loved it and next years will be much better and bigger we will extend the invite to more of our hopper low rider friends and our older street rod and 69 mopar owning family members, We like diverisity and quality.  Plans have already begun for next year. We don't want to ever do a show now, this is what we want to do ... this function. This is what we are about....period.  So If you were there this year mark your calenders next year same place same day same time .... See you then pictures will be up shortly!
Thank you ALL,