Saturday, January 23, 2010

Classy Broad of the Week!

Brandon likes the ladies!

"The Broken Down Look"

So I posted this for all the guys that think the "broken down low look" is "mini trucker" or "cholo" well lookey lookey it goes way back ... WAY BACK , And this car is a drag car as well....... the proof is in the puddin... keep em low and keep em fast

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Prez. Speaks...

Been a month or two since we've been around...As curator of this thing I take full blame, although the move and the cobo projects were worth stepping away from this box. So Autorama is coming up soon, and NO all our projects are locked away in area 5 one, so no ones gonna see em. but we hope to party, drink, and talk smack with all of ya on Feb 26th. Til then keep the heater going and te sparks flyin....It's gonna be a good year..

HNIC #313


Limited Supply Unveiled at Cobo Hall the new Detroit Support Shirt just $20. If ya can't make it to cobo don't fret a web merch thing a ma jig is in the works....