Saturday, March 21, 2009

Video Of the Week!

So this is the first installment of behind the scenes video clips from David Perry's "Pin Up" dvd shoots...enjoy i'll post one every saturday ...

Sickle of the Week!


Who's old enough to remember these, and reading BMXplus! with Radical Rick????????

Comic books rule!


Classy Broad of the Day!

The Lovely Sawa from SG fame shot by friend of the devils A.M.

Owens Art!

Memories of Dice 08'

Brother Custom on the Hub!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Classy Broad of the Day!

The Lovely Sabina Kelly shot for a upcoming Zitivity set by our Friend Amina ....

Stolen Bog Post of the Day!

courtesy of Los Boulevardos

Sinner James!

If your in that town on that night and your smart you'll be there!

German Enginerred, Garage Built !

Venice 13

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Spring is Here!

The weather breaking has been nice around the D, it's good cool sunny test and tune weather. Almost time for the outdoor show season to start. I'm so ready to tool around downtown in the revamped poncho. But as with anything the more thats gone in to it the more tempermental it is. so at this point it's gone from a reliable daily driver to a sunny day only tempermental time bomb. which is good I guess, more driving and tuneing .....So stay tuned because after our next meeting I'll have a schedule of events for this summer.....