Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our City, My Home of 35 years!

Stand tall, Stay strong, Dirty, Gritty, Cold.....but home it will Always be to me.


nice work but what the hell was this guy thinking with a camshaft for a grill?

Coop comes to life.

I know most of you know of COOP the artist, well i'm a huge fan and i happen to speak with him from time to time, and he has been dabbling with photography for a lil while now, his latest subject miss Dahlia Dark just happens to look like she just crawled out of one of his paintings don't she.....if ya need more i know people i'll see what i can do.....enjoy

100% Skateboarder

Uhm yeah I dig on Skateboards

Friends of the Devils

heres some friends of ours and business's we support
check them out........

Max Schaaf's thing 4Q
Amina & Dick's custom belts Kill yourself or die trying
Compound Radio I do a show on there ever wed at 3pm detroit time.
Scorpions MC detroit old school local outlaw MC
SKILLBILLY the man, the myth, the pink chevy!
ROAD DEVILS the national site
Impala Magazine for all thats impala....and low!
Walkers LandSpeed sinister hot rods built by hand by our brothers
COOP nuff said.
Detroit Roller Derby Come out and see our own rolanda jackson whoop some fuckin ass
Lowbrow Customs shirts, flaked helmets, dvd's


Our buddy Keven Carter shot these down at the old Detroit Packard plant......planning a chapter shoot there soon.......stay tuned.

Out now


Friday, December 19, 2008

Baby picture of the Year.

J. Webbers new lil girl......sick sick pic. classic bash helmet and white fur....bonus style points for sure.


how sick is this tank....lover the Oly sponsorship....fuckin' bad found this over at the church of choppers.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

El Sagundo......

When I took my trip to San Deigo I toured East County Customs in El Sugundo and this 64' caddy was sitting out back under an inch of dust.... looks like they got it on the road and shiney as fuck......slick slick ride...

Atomic Punk build!

Had a chance to hang out with Grote at Hunnert and Autorama...great guy... now the punk is on Ebay...


John Edwards high speed and jockey shiftin no brain bucket......BALLS!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Prez. Speaks!

Ahhhh the Lazy days of Winter...Heres the state of the Club at the time being. Many of us are stuck mid project right before the holidays setting deadlines for ourselves. And the holidays are upon us so were are broke as well. Just stay tuned to the site as I will post more pictures of our projects as we move foreward on them. Speaking of the holidays this Sunday marks our annual christmas party, which last year was us all at a bar listing to the twistin tarantulas play and getting drunk, but this year were going family style and pulling out all the stops and doing a family turkey dinner. As well as our BIG year end meeting, which is going to be a big deal, theres going to be lots of things coming up this year that will be discussed at this meeting so stay tuned in the coming weeks for updates towhat shows we will be attending this year, any new support gear we may have, new offical positions, possible club car project, and much much more. This is going to be a huge year for us, but for now as with the picture to my left "all eyes are on autorama"
"El Jefe"

The Dirty "D"

Before the winternationals, before the "home of the ramchargers", before muscle cars, One of thhe earliest shots i could find of the legendary Detroit Dragway. One of the first tracks this side of Famoso........The Best in the East ...the Dirty D.

Dix & Shelby

R.I.P. Bettie

You will be greatly missed. 1923-2008

Moon Eyes X-Mas Party

from the los boulevardos display this weekend at mooneyes show

Lupe's truck

Friend of the devils from Texas