Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friends of the Devils

Good friend of mine and the club Skeeter moved away at the end of the summer this year to live a better life with his new girl and job downsouth. Me and Skeeter had know each other since the way back early 80's punk scene in Detroit. I been missing him lately. This was shot by Nick Armstrong a good friend of the club as well on our last trip with him to the first annual Road Devils Hell On Wheels down in Ohio. His 31 hot rod ford truck "Demen-ted" was well built and a fun fuckin ride built on an extreme budget it embodies to me what true hot rodding is about while still capturing his style. Come back an visit soon Holmes.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Fine Line.

Theres a fine line between Classy, and Menacing, between Hot rod and Custom, between Speed and Chrome, Between Coke and Pepsi. This is the line I myself like to ride the edge of. 700 hp but so low you can't drive fast, suede cars with shiny engine compartments, Overcarboration and Huge cams when you drive slow just to set off every car alarm in the neighboorhood. These two trucks make me dream about that fine line. I like seeing them like this as well, like Cole Foster says "I like too see cars in progress at shows so i can close my eyes and finish the build myself in my head" These trucks give me ideas and inspiration, and this time of year thats what we need. The catylist that kicks off the need to do something differant.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Death" aka "squashed bug"

"It's really ironic," explained John Dixon, the owner of the 1956 slammed and chopped Volkswagen Beetle. "I got a phone call from a friend last week who told me the car was listed in the annual Hot Rod Top 10 in the December issue of the magazine. It had been featured in the July 2008 issue, but I jumped in the car and headed to Books & Co. and sure enough, there it was on page 78. I bought a few copies of the magazine."

Dixon is well known for unique, and sometimes off-the-wall cars, all of the German persuasion (mostly Porsches.) But this hot rod is clearly way out there.

Franz Muhr of Colorado spent 3,000 hours creating this beast. He chopped the top so much that the front window is only about 4 and half inches high. He lowered it on the chassis so it sits about 2 inches off the ground, moved the steering to the right side, and then as Dixon says, "sliced and diced the engine until it puts out over 125 horses."

"When I saw it, I just had to buy it," Dixon said, which was just over a year ago. Hot Rod dispatched a photographer to Dayton last November to photograph it for a feature, and now it's honored with the big boys in the Holy Grail of hot rodding.

"I grew up in the '60s and read Hot Rod every month. I dreamed of having a car in there, but then I unloaded my Camaro 396 and went the Porsche route. Now this, being featured in it, it's like legendary stuff. I can't believe it," Dixon said.

The little Volkswagen is unpainted, and the interior is also unfinished, but the seats are covered in a sort of burlap material.

"It's the only car I ever won an award for that I didn't have to clean. I just blow the dust out of it with an air hose," Dixon chuckled.

"I've driven it a few times, but really, we call it 'Death' because you can get killed in this thing. You can't see out of it very well, it doesn't handle real well, and it's stupid fast. You just sort of point and shoot when you're behind the wheel."

Rob Kinnan, the editor of Hot Rod, summed it up this way in the current issue: "it's the most outrageous thing we saw the entire year ... nothing — and I mean nothing — will get more attention on the road than this thing."

check this link for all the pics from this unbelievable build

Old Man Winter

Well, The snow has finally hit the ground here in detroit! And i believe all the projects are underway, I apologize for not putting up so much shit latley i been busy preping my garage for this winter motor detail job. Once everything is in full swing and i'm off for our shut down i'm sure i'll have tons of good updates with progress pics from all the boys. I'm thinkin after our official winter meeting i'll have the lo down on all the big shows we'll be hitting this year. But for right now all eyes are aim'd at CoBo Hall march 6th. Hope to see ya'll there. We also have support shirts for sale if anyones interested i'll post pics and details later.
El Jefe

I love Art Deco.....

I have a deep love for art deco looking cars ...especally Linclon Zephers....this ones Gary Howards latest project. the top pic is the current state of her. the bottom one is when it was his daily driver.....mmmmmm