Thursday, August 6, 2009

1 %

When i grew up in the late seventies and early 80's my dad told me stories about the biker gang guys at work the 1% ers, we lived across the street from the owner of eternal tattoos, and i grew up with a chopper builder next door, guys with names like "Tramp" & "Spade" . I though wow this shits hardcore, then i got my first thrasher skate magazine in 1984, and i was listening to suicidal tendencies and i was like wow this is like were 1%ers of our time, I mean in 1984 if you skated you were an out cast. So fast forward to the early days of the trad hot rod scene and the first few billetproofs, growing up in detroit, and a car family i was exposed to many show car events since i could walk, so when i saw this scene creeping up i though damn it's like skating in 86', this is the new 1% of the times. So I ask you now a days that tattoos are soo cool, every doctor and lawyer take out there harleys on sundays, skateboarding has turned into little leauge, and everyother grey bearded goldchainer is sanding down his street rod and rattlecanning it to be "cool", with all this now I ask you how can one be an outcast, an rebel, a 1% er anymore??????? I think it all ends with my generation. There is nothing we can hve anymore that is dangerous, unacceptable, underground and deemed "uncool" by society. Sad. I beleive it's like Lester Bangs once said " The only true currency we have in this bankrupt world, is the times we share with others when your uncool." And the irony is when society deems you a 1% er it's pretty much saying your 100% into that thing that makes you not care about the rest of the world. So I say this...Live life full blown start to finish and don't slow down till you die.

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