Monday, August 3, 2009

For Sale ????

i've been thinking as of late, of just throwing a basic interior into my 55 poncho so i can sell it for a il loot so i can begin my dream project ...i don't talk of it much becuase i never really though i could find a decent body but.. 1938 Ford super dark marron "shiny" 302 with multi carb set up manual tranny mustang 2 front stub power four wheel disc linclon zepher caps on wide whites 8 inch notch full gloss black chassis with marron and creme pinstriping marron and white tuck and roll interior mild shave and decking running boards on the ground This has been a dream to have for a while, and bonus is not many of these around here. The only way to trump this build would be a linlon zepher. I have quite a bit of time to think this plan out so if anyone knows the whereabouts of a 38 body and or chassis let me know

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