Monday, May 11, 2009

The Prez. Speaks...

As I sit here at 9 pm on a monday covered in body filler dust and itchy as shit, i am drinkin a Schilitz and updating this because it's supposed to not only be updated daly but also a place for anyone to find out what we are about and whats going on and I have been so busy latley that I missed two or three days here and there and won't be on here tomorrow till late at night. Well Brandos fifty and Erics "A" are gettin a face lift as we speak with less than two weeks till the BBQ, And Chris's Wagon now sports a Child Seat. Ohio's Thaw Out went off with out a hitch and looks like it was a blast, but because of mounting bills and unemployemet i was not able to make it this year. I have found that my car runs it's all out best on Union 74 Race Gas at $6.59 a gal it's going to be a broke ass summer. I'm dailed in, and Franks new truck is road worthy...well who needs lights ...other than lights and a few vrake parts ...we had here doing wholeshots on saturday around Wyandotte.  Rolanda and Beths Derby Team are undefeated and headed to the Championships May 30th.  If you have a car and are interested in makin our BBQ this year drop me a line at and i'll send you directions....This is a you gotta bring a car to get in invite only function......

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