Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Scene at the shop!

this was yesterday, I missed out i been workin on Erics A for a week now and i took a day off to spend with my kids, but he had plenty of help from the rest of the club, From what I hear Shes just about ready for paint, then assembly. I'll be be back it it again tomorrow afternoon. We have 6 days till the Infamous BBQ event. and four cars to get done, one is in the middle of wetsanding and polishing, and ones not even painted yet, and two are in need of brake jobs. And all you people who are planning on being there better BE there. It's gonna be fun and probably the way the forcats looks the best day of the week. well enought jibber jabbing i gotta get out side and take care of the yard work cuz I got a busy week planning for this BBQ. By the way after the event we will have the left over custom beer coozies & our shirts  for sale on this site so stay tuned.

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