Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hot Rod Power Tour 09'

So last night round 4 pm the power tour rolled into town, i said fuck it i aint got enough race gas and money tight to be wasting it driving to metro beach to see em all. This morning i hit up my buddy eric and hung out knowing i had to be downriver at my kids school at noon, so i make my way to 12 and southfield and all of a sudden im surrounded by 6 or 7 race type cars a GT3 full on road hugging ferrari type deal and a 65 pontiac tempast with a full tube chassis and a 550 hp LS3 motor and a tremic 5 speed all flat black were my new buddys as we bobbed and weavied at speed over 120 down southfield freeway in the middle of the power tour..As the rest of the tour guys made there way on to I-94 these two stayed with me and pulled off for gas and i had a good chat with them and now there race cars sport Road Devils Detroit stickers and they picked up some coozies from me......what a great morning it was like being in the middle of the cannonball run

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