Saturday, July 25, 2009

Telepgraph Cruise 2009

So this years Cruise on the graph was fuckin rad. We got a lil wild everything in town has a sticker on it and my goal was to slap a sticker on ever bumper of every car that did a burnout in front of us while it was smokin out. We drank beer at subway, heckled every car that shouldnt be out there and even a few that just need to get pissed to rip through a wholeshot, and some mini trucker ever pulled his girlfriends top off for us. How nice. All the street racers were out, Yep in detroit street racers are what most of you guys in other states see at your dragstrip. And we made it there and back safe and sound. There was even some hot broad holding up a sign that read "Smoke em or let your bitch drive"....So there ya go thats how we roll in the "D" heres a few phone cam shots of randomness, hopefully Nick will get me the real camera shots....

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