Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sorry Holmes!

If your the guy in the 60's Hertz Rent-a-Racer Mustang on 10 mile and Lasher last night I'm truely sorry and if you need to borrow some wood screws i can give you some since I blew your doors completely off. I know you had no way of knowing a four door slammed 50's custom had 441 HP . I do have to say It's partly your own fault for reving your engine at me and wasting all the race fuel at that light, and your old fart friend from your bridge club probably egged you on to do it. I do wish I had some rearview mirrors though so I could have seen his eyes when that Built TH-350 hit second hard and all three carbs opened up. It's not something I do often at all. Most people just nod and say nice car and i drive along nice and slow, but you had to challenge me. So next time you feel like doing that look over and think about how much that ting next to you weighs and how big the motor sounds, I know you couldnt have known i was under 3500 lbs. and those poly glass tires certainly didn't help you at all. I'm sorry you were so embarrased you stay like 6 cars back for the next 4 miles, your car was beautiful. So at the next AARP meeting tell your buddies to watch for them Road Devils plaques before they try some crazy shit!


  1. 60's Hertz Rent-a-Racer Mustang? HAHAHA!!! Fucking classic!! Go get em!!! --Ray

  2. LOL....sweet!!

    Love stories like that.