Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Prez. Speaks...

It's that time of year again........The Road Devils Annual Hell On Wheels nostalgic drags. Yes and I'm super stoked about this, it's in my top 3 things of the year for sure. If youv'e know me along time you know I grew up on drag racing, watching Cha-Cha and Big Daddy go at it as a kid and cheering for the Snake, my uncle moved to colorado and built drag cars near Bandimier, Beating up my 65 Malibu back in 92' here in detroit and at milan. So for our club to do an event like this is already gonna have me amp'ed. But It also somehow turns into a RD reunion, with chapters from Boston, Texas, Dayton, Detroit, Delwear Valley, and Denver showing up and spending a weekend hanging out and telling tales and drinking brew...and not just a track. And It' also is special as Woody the Texas Chapt. Pres. will be getting married on the track under the Trees lights. Last year a horrible accident put my car out of commission to make the trip, But this year my car will go down the track, it wont be the fastest (3.10 rear gear is the weak link in my chain) and I wont be hammering on it (due too being 4 hours from home) but it will have its tires on the track, and that makes me a happy devil. So if yu dig Drag Racing, Brotherhood, and Beer follow us on down to National Trails Dragway (fastest track in the Midwest) on the morning of Sept 18th. It's gonna be a "Hell" of a time.

side note man i miss that car...............god bless 93' hahahahaha

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