Monday, December 14, 2009

The H.N.I.C is in the house.....

Well well well we is back in action, not that we ever stopped but we just had our Annual Family Dinner/Meeting. Yup I'm feeling good about those of us that are gearing up to get down this spring. Daves chop is ready for finish prime and new glass, and we have a few dark horses switchin up shit in there stables, some accessory changes, yadda yadda... Main thing is we are back in full swing ready to take on the new year. Sayin' good bye to billetproof and hello to the Sin's of Steel in Davisburg, Sayin' fuck the rules, and drop the hammer on them fools. I'll try and keep this bitch updated more often but as of now my ass is stealin wi-fi so we'll see how long that goes, until then it's back out to the garage to skate...........Yeah you heard me garage's just aint for cars how else do ya think us guys in sub zero weather burn off all that beer?

Later days,

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  1. Got any info on SINS OF STEEL????