Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cobo Recap!

Cobo 2010' was one of the best yet, If you missed it heres the recap. The tuners section was smaller than ever by next year thell be phased out. Outstanding was the tuner ford bronco 2 with a flathead ford in it ??????? Wow! So For me one of the big deals of the weekend was meeting Connie Kallita, and enjoying all of the "Drag City" section and vintage FED's and Funny Cars on display, Not to mention George Poteet's new hot rod truck. Then Downstairs the highlights were all of the Road Devils and Poor Boys that were here from out of town, made alot of new friends and had alot of good times. Standout moments were Bob's "Gearhead" Car wining the Gene Winfield award, Dave's Truck winning Best Chop, Us winning #2 Best Club Display, Me winning Best Paint, and Best Radical Custom (with a C), Driving Porkchops #666 Coupe, seeing every Road Devil drive in under theyre own power (no trailers). Lets not forget the kiddie ride that was promoting "Sins of Steel" in Davisburg. All in all a great weekend for all of us in the basement. All those moments like 30 guys walking to Lafyaette Coney, and sitting up late talking and watching vintage drags till 4am, Endless empty cases of beer, getting busted riding the go cart around, did i mention Connie Kallita???? HAHAHAHA! Seriously, Great Show. Not related to the show but Well Talked about was the moving of the "Pile Up" this year and all of us not wanting or being able to afford the 10+ hour trip. On the other hand we talked extensively about BBQ's and Weekenders bettween Dayton and Detroit throughout the summer, and Attending Heads Up Hunnert, Nost. Drags at Jalopy Showdown and Milan, as well as a trip to the mueseam in Grand rapids rather than all of the same old shows. Also watch for a development between us and the Frankenmuth show. So Looks to be a good year. We'll have more info on our BBQ and Support Merch after our monthly meeting this Sunday.
Stay Tuned!
HNIC local 313

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