Saturday, March 6, 2010

Upcoming FED Project !

For Those of you who aren't familiar with my love of Vintage Dragracing and FED's I been watching the stuff since i was a wee youngster on daddys lap watching Connie and Cha Cha go at it on Wide World of Sports. We after many years of dreaming and talking smack about it I'm finally taking action. I recently aquired the Blueprints and Specs to build a 160 to 180" wheelbase Slingshot. While many of us around here run gassers and hot rods, even bonniville cars, no one i know runs a FED. So I am taking on this project ground up no rolling chassis of ebay stuff, I'm going to take weekend trips to my brother Porkchops shop and build this chassis from scratch. But As I'm a broke divorced father of 2 coming across all the "Pricy Stuff" (i.e. magnesium rear wheels, 6-71 blowers, Hilborn injectors, all the lil Vintage shit that adds up) is going to be a challenge so I'm going to steal a page out of the "Gow-Cart Cronicales" and come up with some fundraising ideas. But for now theres no set time limit as long as it takes, but if anyone knows of any one with old SBC early 60's drag parts, or swap meets coming up i'd sure apreciate the heads up or if anyone wants to donate any knowledge or wrench time let me know. I'll keep you posted on progress and fundraising stuff through a web site il be setting up for this project, but stay tuned.....And if anyone has any tips or parts they don't need hit me up for now at
Thanks ,
Junebug Spade
RD 313 President

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  1. You have created a beast and it is a very beast beast that too...I can guess the crazy fun that you are having out there.Nice of you to share all of it here.