Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mid Summer - Updates

Well well look what the cat dragged in eh? Found a simple solution to my internet hiatus, Internet Teathering from my iphone in my pocket via bluetooth to my Macbook, so in laymans terms back to more updates I guess... If your really reading this instead of looking at my friend over there lookin all sultry cooling her brow with a Mickey's then i commend you. So In the 313 world of Devils we have two new members, the world famous Keven Carter , and Rob Beattie. We are well into summer now it feels good, Hell It feels good to just waste gas on Sunday night rolling on the freeway with nowhere to go. So we have plans to hit the Woodward spectale during mid August, and the Fallen Vets Show Aug 1st, BDK at Jeffs crib, and the Deadbeats Hamtramick Hustle....So look for us if your at any of them shows and have a beer with us....we like beer. Well also be hitting the tues and wed cruise night from Livonia to the Clem. We have a few projects lined up for this winter and are planning on taking next autorama by storm. So look out .


  1. Haha! "World Famous" ? I'm working on that one.

  2. Cool, I'm glad. I love your updates. She is pretty cute too!!