Friday, July 10, 2009

Whatupdoe.....Lets break it down....

Ok now here is a lesson in spotting the real deal and not being roped in to the scene.....Take Andrew here for instance okay note the dirty jeans and worn out vans, most likely the kind of guy who wheres his shit no matter what he's doing , NOT the guy who has a perfect cuff and nice neet new chucks at every cars show ( beware of the posers). Next and a very obvious thing his car, yes there is a classy aura that surrounds it, it's not thrown together like his look is which shows he cars more about how the ride looks than he does. Which brings us to our next point, the california duster, or since cali just has smog will call it the nebraska duster cuz they got DUST. shows he pays attention to detail also let the "rat rodders" make fun thus pointing out to everyone else they don't give a shit about the hard work they put in to there cars so they pick fun at those who do. Other fine yet small details to look for are things like the vintage bonnieville patch the ripped coat and most of all the slight smirk that shows he's proud of his shit and hes happy to have it. Don't you wish you were this cool??? All it takes is late nights and hard work and a close attention to detail, as well as pride and a "i'm doing it for me and me alone" attitude. So head on out there with this new knowledge an don't be fooled by so called "rat rodders" and "hipsters".

Professer Tough Guy


  1. .. also notice no chain driven billfold..cause that shit will fuck up paint!!!!

  2. good call theres an old punk song that goes...i knew you were gay when i saw your chain wallet