Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Prez. Speaks...

Ok peoples I get the message......I'll be more on top of the Blog. I had explained what was up before, and then I was clued in on a tricky way of using the iPhone as a modem but I have hardly been at home at all the last two weeks. This is the first time in about two years I have done this but I put my passion for skating at an almost equal with my love for cutting up cars. I have spent a considerable part of every day in pool this last two weeks, and it's not just me, Frank has been in on it too. Thats one thing about the club I dig, While sometime we dont talk for days and it seems as if we arnt as tight as all them "T.V. show clubs", Look back and think about how much time you spend with your brothers over the years, example, Me and frank in a pool skating we were skating together back in 1986 and in 1990 we were building cars together, take away cars, i think all of us would still be friends in some aspect, and that says alot. So enough babbaling on what we already know, I'm not a huge fan of alot of the "scene mags" but if you haven't seen the new CKD yet head out to the store and flip to the last page and read Boulevard Crawl by our Californian brother Dale Van Zant, this months is a good one. Also on the Support Topic the Deadlast CC is doing the Hamtramick Hustle this saturday look it up on myspace to get directions and head out it's gonna be kick ass weather and it's an excuse to drive your shit around, remember this aint California we drive our cars and we drive em hard you only got 5 months of car weather here so get out on the road. Time flies as this month marks our 4th year as a chapter and we started with 4 members and now we are 10 deep with 2 prospects. We are really trying to slow our roll down and not grow much more, there is a reason we call it a brotherhood. Last but not Least don't let "Hell on Wheels" creep up on you get ready if you got a nostalgic drag car or a hot rod or traditional custom "with a c" then hit up Devil Drag and prepare to make the trip in to ohio across the state line for a weekend of nostalgic flag drop drag racing at the fastest track in the midwest, complete with car show... Don't miss it it's gonna be even better than last year..

till next time,
El Jefe

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